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24 Hour Ambulatory BP

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An instantly taken measure of blood pressure may not always be accurate. Based on that, treatment (or the absence of it) of a patient can be harmful. Hence, to make a better treatment plan, Dr. Siva Kumar Reddy, suggests a 24-hour ambulatory BP test to patients with uncontrolled BP.

What Is A 24-hour Ambulatory BP Test?

A 24-hour ambulatory BP test, as the name suggests, is a blood pressure test that tracks the pressure of your blood for 24 hours. You will have a regular pressure cuff attached to a small tracking device that is attached to your belt.

When Is A 24-Hour Ambulatory BP Test Recommended?

A 24-hour ambulatory BP test helps the doctor in understanding how your blood pressure changes throughout the day depending on your activities, food habits, or your emotional activity. It gives a clearer picture of your health condition if you have uncontrolled BP.

If you have the following health conditions, you may be recommended a 24-hour ambulatory BP test:

  • Suspected hypertension
  • White-coat hypertension (i.e. your BP is suspected to be high only when you are in the doctor’s chamber)
  • Masked hypertension (opposite of white-coat hypertension)
  • If your BP fluctuates based on the time of the day
  • Hypotension or low BP (often resulting in sudden collapse or fainting)
  • Hypertension during pregnancy

24-hour ambulatory BP test is also used to determine the effectiveness of an ongoing treatment plan. Based on the results, medicines can be modified.

Is A 24-hour Ambulatory BP Test Safe?

A 24-hour ambulatory BP test is totally safe and chiefly painless. There can b mild discomfort around that day since the cuff will inflate several times throughout the day. It may wake you up during the night a couple of times. But all in all, considering how much value the reports of a24-hour ambulatory BP test holds, the discomfort is tolerable for most people.

How Can You Prepare For An Ambulatory BP Test?

To take a 24-hour ambulatory BP test, a technician will set you up with the device – the cuff and the measuring bit. Usually, you will not have to prepare for it beforehand. In certain cases, the doctor may suggest to intake or abstain from certain medicines.

Once you are hooked up, you have to ensure the following:
Wear the device for 24 hours and do not remove it.

  • Bathing or swimming should be avoided so that the device does not get wet.
  • Spend the day normally. Do not do anything unusual just for that day.
  • Remember or note down the event of the day as you may be asked about it later.

Treatment By Dr. Siva After A 24-hour Ambulatory BP Test

If any abnormality is observed in the result, you can consult Dr. Siva to confirm if you have any heart condition. Minor ups and downs in BP are normal based on the kind of activity you were performing at the moment. But Dr. Siva will be able to ascertain the real condition and treat you accordingly.