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Life becomes a lot more difficult for a child the moment he is born with a hole in the heart. But yet, with advancements in medical technologies, there’s still hope. A device closure treatment performed by an expert Cardiologist like Dr. Siva Kumar Reddy can help your child live a more normal life.

What Is Device Closure?

If a child is born with a hole in between the two sides of the heart (which may be diagnosed much later in life), the blood between the chambers can get mixed up. This causes a lot of health problems in addition to severe breathing problems. Naturally, this hole needs to be repaired.

A closure device is a patch-like medical gear that closes the hole and ensures that the blood in the 2 chambers of the heart does not get mixed up.

How Is A Device Closure Performed?

If you are deemed fit for a catheter device closure, after 12 hours of fasting, you will be taken for the surgery. You will be given anaesthesia to ease any discomfort. Near your groin, an incision will be made. A catheter (a thin, medical pike-like device) carrying a collapsed, patch-like device is threaded to the location of the hole in the heart. The live progress of the entire procedure is fed into a monitor by an imaging technique.

When the doctor is confident about the location of the device, the ‘patch’ is released. It attaches itself to the surrounding tissue stopping the interflow of blood. The catheter is then removed from the body.

Gradually, heart tissues grow around the edges of the patch sealing it permanently there. After the procedure, you will be kept under observation for a few days to ensure that everything is working fine.

However, in certain cases, your cardiologist may feel that the catheter procedure may not be a success. In that case, an open heart surgery is performed to patch up the hole in the heart.

How Safe & Effective Is A Device Closure?

Any surgery of the heart is very delicate in nature. Only highly experienced and skilled surgeons can perform such a surgery. However, in capable hands, such a surgery is much safer and the result is very rewarding.

However, even after you recover from the surgery, it is essential to keep taking the prescribed medicines. You must also never miss your appointments to the doctor.

Device Closure By Dr. Siva Kumar Reddy

Implantation of a closure device is a very delicate surgery. If it is performed on a child, it becomes even more sensitive. Dr. Siva works with a highly experienced team for his operations. He ensures that he is equipped with the best imaging technologies, monitoring devices and surgical tools. He has a very high success rate in performing such delicate surgeries.