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Paediatric Cardiology

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Sickness does not come to just the old and the unhealthy. Sadly, even the purest hearts of little children can also suffer from ailments. And if that is the case, you cannot trust anything less than the expert care of Hyderabad’s best paediatric cardiologist, Dr Siva Kumar Reddy. Consult now and meet our Children Heart Specialist Doctor

What Is Paediatric Cardiology?

Paediatric cardiologists treat the ailment in the hearts of children. It includes unborn children with a heart condition, infants, tween, and even teens. Paediatric cardiology takes care of both treatment and management of heart conditions if a child is awaiting surgery (meaning, the child is too small for a surgery and hence, maintenance of the condition is required until he is old enough for the surgery)

Why Do You Need A Paediatric Cardiologist?

A cardiologist treats diseases of the heart. But a paediatric cardiologist does a little more than that. You see, children are not very articulate – they cannot always express their discomfort. Sometimes, some diagnostic tests cannot be performed on children and they need different diagnostic methods. And then again, children are prescribed a very different palette of medicines. Such treatment requires special training which a regular cardiologist might not have. This is why it is always wise to take your child to a cardiologist who has this special training like Dr. Siva Kumar Reddy. Vaishnavi Heart clinic is one of the Best Children’s Hospital in Hyderabad for heart problems.

Which Treatments Are Provided In Paediatric Cardiology?

There is a whole array of treatment offered in paediatric cardiology. Some of the major treatment provided by paediatric cardiologists are treatments for the following:

  • Congenital heart diseases
  • Arrhythmia
  • Problems in blood circulation.

Other common conditions like problems in breathing, infection in the heart, chest pain, fainting, etc. You can also find management options for critical heart conditions, physiotherapy, counselling on alternative lifestyles, guidance for diet and exercise, etc.

Dr. Siva Kumar Reddy’s Expertise In Paediatric Cardiology

Dr. Siva has undergone special training to treat heart conditions in children. If your child is suffering from a heart condition, you can bring him to consult Dr. Siva. He works with the latest technologies ensuring to provide the best possible treatment.