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Angioplasty is a procedure used for opening the blockages of blood flow from the arteries. If the blockages remain untreated, it can lead to serious heart conditions such as heart attack. During the procedure, the doctor inserts a catheter towards the blockage and a stent or a balloon will be placed to clear the blockage. After the procedure, the blood flows freely through the arteries and the heart begins to work efficiently as earlier.

When is Angioplasty Recommended?

Angioplasty is used to open the blocked arteries. This is called coronary artery disease and it obstructs the flow of blood to the heart. This condition leads to shortness of breath and weakness. If this problem remains for a long time, it can even lead to heart disease. In these cases, angioplasty is recommended.

Apart from this, angioplasty is also useful for the following cases:

  • If medications or lifestyle style changes did not improve the functioning of your heart.
  • If you have a heart attack, angioplasty can be used to open the blocked artery quickly.
  • If fatty plaques get deposited in your blood vessels. This condition is called atherosclerosis.
  • To treat chest pain

What is the Cost of Angioplasty in Hyderabad?

The cost of angioplasty differs based on various factors such as procedure performed, doctor expertise, the patient health condition and many more. However, the average cost of angioplasty in Hyderabad ranges from 80,000 to 2 lakhs. The range mentioned here is just approximation cost and the exact cost varies from one hospital to another.

Why Does the Cost of Angioplasty Varies?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of angioplasty is based on various factors such as the following:

  • The type of procedure being performed
  • The hospital where a patient undergoes angioplasty
  • The fee of the interventional cardiologist
  • Health condition of the patient
  • Patient’s age
  • Pre-procedural cost
  • Day-care cost
  • Post-procedure cost
  • Cost of stent
  • Cost of medications
  • Expertise and specialisation of the doctor

Benefits of Angioplasty

The benefits of angioplasty include the following:

  • It is less-invasive
  • It reduces the symptoms of blocked arteries such as chest pain and shortness of breath.
  • Angioplasty if performed within a specified time during a heart attack can prevent damage of heart muscle.
  • Faster recovery and you can return your work shortly following the procedure.
  • There will be minimum or no risks as it uses local anesthesia.
  • Prevents heart stroke.
  • Restores blood flow to your legs.

Want to Undergo Angioplasty? Meet Dr Siva Kumar Reddy Today

If you or your loved one have any signs of a blocked artery, you should consider visiting a cardiologist at the earliest possible. Dr Siva Kumar Reddy have over 22 years of experience in treating different heart diseases in Hyderabad. Before deciding on angioplasty, he will closely work with you to ensure if angioplasty is suitable for you. To know more about the treatment, call us today.

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